History of Be Global E-Commerce Corporation.

Founded in 2011, Blue Green Enterprise is one of the pioneer companies in the Philippines under the E-Commerce industry that offers in-house and acquired brands across all digital platforms.

Seven years later, to meet the pressing need for an efficient digital commerce enabler, Be Global E-Commerce Corporation came into being.

BGE Corp. now provides e-commerce end to end solutions – Account Management, Digital Marketing, Warehouse and Fulfilment to After Sales Support. With our rich experience in e-commerce, and our resilient and efficient culture, we are able to help and empower brands to reach their maximum potential in the e-commerce industry.

Why Choose BGE Corp?


To provide the best end to end e-commerce service.

To build and sustain a great business partnership with our partners as an online distributor of various brands. 

To guarantee the satisfaction and happiness of all our customers.

To build a long lasting relationship with the platforms which we are in.


To be recognized as one of the most reliable e-commerce service enabler and online distributor in the Philippines.


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